Illustrated guide to Pregnancy Photography
If you are interested in the Illustrated Guide to Pregnancy Photography for Android, Kindle and other non-iPad formats, please give me your opinion:
After taking great efforts to design and layout a new version of the guide for non-iPad formats I have come to the conclusion I only have two options.
1.) Design the guide in kindle/e-pub format, which is readable by most platforms, mobile and otherwise, but which will not look pretty. The full information will still be contained in the guide, but the images will be compressed and the layout rudimentary due to the constraints of the format. The final product would be available in the Amazon store for $10-$12 U.S.
2.) Design the guide in PDF format, which will retain much of the design and layout of the current iPad version. This version would be less flexible and would be best suited to viewing on a computer as the layout would be fixed. The final product would have be sold through a custom store via Pay Pal for $15-$20 U.S.
Neither option allows for all the interactive features to be brought over, as these formats do not support movies.
Please let me know your thoughts on this!
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